Loveland SafeLot Parking Services

• A reserved designated parking space for each guest.

• Electrical connections for charging phones.

• Porta-potty and handwashing station. Handwashing station is only generally available during spring to fall due to freezing.

• Waste receptacles.

• All night security and camera monitoring of the SafeLot for added safety of our Guests.

• Resource Navigation services provided by House of Neighborly Service/Guiding Connections (HNS) a local Loveland nonprofit organization. HNS will provide housing navigation and other needed services, with a goal of obtaining permanent housing for our Guests.

• Dinner and fellowship two nights per week.

• Showers twice a week.

Benefits to Those Sheltering in their Vehicles

• Increased safety and security for people and their property.

• Increased access to services and employment and/or education opportunities.

• Improved rest, which can lead to better outcomes for our guests in areas such as physical and mental health, and employment.

• A community of support among safe parking guests.

• More day-to-day stability.

• A path to permanent housing through referrals and Housing resource navigation.

Benefits to Neighborhoods

• Less incidents of unauthorized parking, and vehicle loitering.

• Reduced crime against people experiencing vehicular homelessness; safe parking guests also function as protective members of the community.

• Fewer issues with litter and human waste.

Benefits to Local Government

• Reduced costs associated with homelessness (e.g., law enforcement, health, waste management).More comprehensive data on an underserved and undercounted population.