How Can I Help?

There are many ways that individuals can volunteer to help Loveland SafeLot Parking:

Working with our guests:

•    Lot Host - welcome first-time guests, monitor guest activity (on Lot Phone or in person); check weather app; check trash; monitor SafeLot phone# for emergencies or questions.

•    Meal Host - Oversee set-up, clean-up, and eat dinner with guests; monitor showers and take-home towels, wash, and return the following day. Meal Hosts can choose to:

      - Provide a main dish,

      - Provide a dinner side dish, or

      - Host the dinner with our guests.

•    Overnight Host– On call to stay overnight in church with guests when temperatures fall below 10 degrees. This position may require background check and training.

•    Volunteer signup for August

•    Volunteer signup for July

Other ways to help:

•    Guest Mechanic– Help guests with their vehicles when issues arise.

•    Financial donations to help offset:      

      - Vehicle repairs,

      - Vehicle registration,

      - Vehicle Insurance,

      - SafeLot operating costs, or

      - Temporary motel vouchers..