Becoming a SafeLot Guest

Who can stay at the SafeLot?

Unhoused people, approved through an application process, with a Colorado criminal background check. Most guests are working or looking for work, or they are seniors or have a disability that prevents them from working. All are experiencing poverty. Some may be allowed to have pets.

What rules do guests have to follow?

Guests sign a code of conduct and observe quiet hours. Weapons, fireworks, drug and alcohol use, and loud and disruptive behavior are prohibited. Cars (No RV's or Campers) must be registered and insured. Pets must be leashed and kept quiet, and waste must be properly disposed of. Guests may not bring visitors to the site.

For a complete discussion of our expectations for our guests and SafeLot hosts, Please click here.

Can people just show up to stay at the SafeLot?

Guests must apply online and be willing to have background check done, and interview with Loveland Safelot Parking.

To submit an application,

Will security be provided at the SafeLot?

The SafeLot security team will be working with authorized individuals and the police (as necessary) to address security issues as they arise. Our SafeLots all have night security cameras that are motion activated. All authorized individuals with a parking permit will have contact information for the security team. Unauthorized individuals will be asked to leave. Unauthorized cars will be towed at owner’s expense.

For more information please email us at LovelandSafeLotParking