Our Mission and Goals

To demonstrate Christ’s love to seniors, families and individuals who are forced, by life’s necessities, to live in their vehicles.

Our objectives are to provide a safe overnight sleeping location for those sheltering in their cars, build relationships with those living in their vehicles, and provide case management help through Loveland’s House of Neighborly Service, with the goal of helping our guests transition to more permanent housing.

About Loveland SafeLot Parking

We are a community driven initiative begun by partners from within the faith community desiring to provide a safe environment for people in the Loveland area who are sheltering in vehicles because they’re experiencing homelessness.

Sheltering in vehicles is often a first stop for individuals who have been forced, for a variety of reasons, to leave their home. Perhaps they cannot find a new place because of limited affordable housing options, or loss of income. Without intervention and support, many fall deeper into homelessness and may eventually end up on the streets.

SafeLot parking provides many benefits including safe, legal overnight parking with restroom access; warm shower and dinner some nights; connection to additional supporting services; and a caring community to be a part of while they strive to get back on their feet and into suitable, long-term housing.

SafeLot Parking sites are typically located in existing parking lots and are only occupied during hours when they are otherwise unused. Local churches are most likely to provide these spaces and volunteers to provide additional services for their guests.

We do not replace permanent housing or other types of temporary housing, but we try to reduce the risk of harm by helping people to stay safe while on the path to stable housing.

Many Northern Colorado individuals and families are estimated to be sheltering in vehicles on any given night, and up to a thousand statewide. The number of people experiencing homelessness has increased dramatically due to insufficient affordable housing and a variety of challenging economic situations. Providing SafeLot Parking not only serves our guests but benefits the entire community.